Book Report On Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

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In Gary Paulsen’s fascinating novel, Hatchet, Brian Robeson learns a very important lesson while stuck in the harsh Canadian Wilderness. Before he crashed he was a happy boy with his mom. He was on his way to the airport to visit his dad, but the plane he was traveling in, crashed. This is how he was stuck in the unfamiliar forest. He had to adapt to his surroundings because he was native to the city, not the forest. Brian’s characterisation goes back and forth from positive to negative and back to positive again. One example of positive thoughts is, “I am alive, I could have been done”. Brian had this thought after he crawled out of the plane and stared, breathlessly, at what had happened to the vehicle that was once up and flying in the sky. I fear planes because I am afraid one will crash, or that there would an accident. I can’t imagine having to crash a plane, all alone, in an unknown lake. A negative thought is, “Nothing is easy”. He was trying to catch a bird for food, but kept failing. Brian changed and discovered new actions and new attitudes. …show more content…

He was making his shelter, but realized that being able to be safe inside of it was better that being comfy, so he decided to “Keep it simple”. The shelter ended up having a thick door to keep animals out, after he was attacked by the porcupine. Brian also had gone through hardships, but concluded that “Things were bad, but maybe not that bad”. When he went out to look for better berries, he came upon a bear. The bear stood up on it’s hind legs, and examined him. Brian thought that that moment was the end of him. One day, Brian walked out of his temporary home, and, the way he heard things was different. He explained, that when you are alone, “To see is everything”. He used his eyes everyday to avoid objects, to hunt berries and meat, to build, and to

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