Compare And Contrast Hatchet And Island Of The Blue Dolphins

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Turning points can challenge your life at times. It can make your life better or worse. This idea comes up in Hatchet, a fiction by Gary Paulsen, Guts, a non-fiction by Gary Paulsen, and Island of the Blue dolphins, a fiction by scott o’dell. These stories all have turning points that affect them in the same way, doing so, they change their lives and things around them. Brian in Hatchet survives a plane crash and landed in a Canadian Wilderness. He learned to survive on his own and find shelter. He was starting to give up but then he remembered the hatchet his mom gave him. The hatchet made Brian feel happy and strong again and he was able to hunt and made connections with his old English Teacher. (Hatchet p.7) He said that all he wanted

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