Book Reports On Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

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This book report that I am writing is called ‘Hatchet’. It is written by Gary Paulsen. He wrote ‘tracker’ too. I haven’t read that book but I am going to read soon. The main character is Brian Robesen, HIs parents divorced. He was on the plane to meet is father but the pilot died from the heart attack and he is leaved in the wilderness alone with his hatchet. He ate berries, turtle eggs, fishes and birds. He met black bear, wolves, moose, tornado, porcupine and the birds. He used his hatchet and arrows. He was attacked by porcupine, tornado and the moose.He met the plane 2 times but the first time the plane did not see him and he did not want to live, and tried to cut himself with the hatchet also, he let the fire go out. The book …show more content…

His parents divorced, and he was on the plane to meet his father but the pilot died from the heart attack and he is leaved in wilderness alone. He is attacked by the porcupine, moose, and tornado. He tried to suicide from the shock. He got shocked because the plane came near his shelter, but the plane didn’t see him because of the tall trees, and the plane went back where it is …show more content…

His parents divorced and he was on the plane to visit his father. But the pilot got the heart attack and died. He tried to fly the plane and he succeeded. He found the radio and he tried to connect with someone. He succeeded connecting with someone, and that person tried to help Brian. But suddenly they could not connect and he was left alone on the plane. But the plane ran out of fuel and it landed on a lake. He was alone in the wilderness with wild animals and fruits. He found berry bush and he collected the berries. While collecting berries, he met a bear. It was a black bear. After, he made a shelter. During the night, while he was sleeping, he heard some noise in his shelter so he woke up. But he felt pain on his leg, and he tried to touch it. Needles were on his leg. Actually, it was in his leg. It was porcupine. He found out that he can make fire with the hatchet, and he succeeded making fire. He tried to keep it. And one day, he heard the engine. It was plane engine. He made fire and he ran round the lake. But the plane didn’t see him and went back. He lost the will to live, and he tried to cut himself with the

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