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Have you ever felt like just giving up on everything? Hatchet takes that to the next level. Hatchet, a novel by Gary Paulsen revolves around Brian Robinson, a kid trying his hardest to survive the obstacles mother nature has chosen for him. Surviving day and night for weeks while surviving whatever nature has thrown him is a sweet ride to see him experience. To survive Brian shows the importance of pushing yourself to the limits and adapting to your surroundings that pushes you to your limits that you couldn’t possibly ever imagine.

Hatchet does a great job on showing a character pushing himself to the limits. Pushing himself to his physiological and physical limits to surpass the obstacle thrown at him. At the beginning, Brian wasn’t really that good at persevering and just hoped that the rescue team would arrive but after the rescued plane flew over him, he reached rock bottom and realized that he wasn’t gonna be rescued anytime soon. This quote …show more content…

By coming-to-age, Brian pushes himself to the limits, taking a whole new perspective in life. All the way till the end of the book he made great sacrifices to achieve what he wants. Striving towards his sole goal. Surviving. This was the thought that circulated throughout his whole body. His body and mind becoming one to survive as long as possible for the thought of being rescued. It really reminds you how far persevering can take you in life. Retelling how important it is to use it in our daily life to achieve your goals as if Brian can survive in the woods with justs a hatchet, then you can achieve your dreams and overcome the opposition in front of it. Even though I don’t read novels and prefer manhwa and manga, this book was still a good read and I enjoyed every bit of it. I really like how Brians inner thoughts are showing whats happening around him which got me immersed in the book. If you are interested in nature and survival, I highly recommend it for

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