What Does Life Change In Jerry Spinelli's Milkweed

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A young boy whose only dream was to become a Jackboot is now crushed after experiencing the havoc and pain they put thousands of people through. A boy with no name, no family, and no record of his past is doing all he can to survive during World War ll. Stealing, hiding, rebelling and all at the age of eight. This boy is finally given the name of ‘Misha’ and he goes through disasters while meeting new people along the way. Everything is starting to go good for him again, but the day the trains come is the day his life changes for good. This is the book Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli. A thrilling book about a young boy who survived the deadliest time in history that’s sure to hook in the readers. “Time went by. I talked enough, stole enough and sold enough to buy a steamship ticket, and I joined the multitudes going to America… I learned English. I went on talking. In America that means I was a salesman… Then I got my big break. I was hired to sell a miracle vegetable chopper on the boardwalk…”(Spinelli 200).…show more content…
This was demonstrated when everything had been taken away from Misha so he had nothing, but he never gave up. He never grieved and mourned over the ones he lost, but instead worked hard to earn money so he could give himself a better, free, future in America. Before, Misha thought that would be his life stuck in the Ghetto forever, but instead he was given the chance to make the best out of a terrible situation. In this passage, Misha traveled over to America and learned everything he could to start over and have a normal life. Speaking a new language, acting a different way and changing his lifestyle was all to ensure a productive future for
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