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Nobody should be afraid to risk their life for others who need your help most especially when you are trying to protect them from calamity. The Wreckers, by Iain Lawrence is a thrilling novel that takes place in Pendennis in the County of Cornwall. John Spencer, 14 year-old survivor of the Isle of Skye shipwreck, is trying to escape the wreckers with the help of Mary, Simon Mawgan’s niece, and find his father, who also survived the wreck, so they can together go back to London. John kept searching for his father with the help of Mary even though he was taking the risk of getting killed. He managed to stand up against tough people who tried to kill him using his true grit and bravery. John, his father, and Mary at first thought that trying to …show more content…

According to the author, "John kept sneaking out of the mansion at midnight with Mary to find his father and save him from Stumps, (a man with no legs who said that he took his father) because loved his father and didn 't want to escape the wreckers without his him even though it was a treacherous thing to do because there are wreckers looking for shipwreck survivors to kill," ( pg. 100-104) For this reason, John risked his life for his own father by searching for him at midnight everyday because he loved him wanted to see if he was really alive and he didn 't want to escape Pendennis and go back to London without him. Furthermore, Mary put herself in a life threatening situation while helping John find his father even though it wasn 't her own father because she wanted be there for his friend and help him along the way. For instance, As Iain Lawrence points out, "The characters wanted to stop the wreckers from taking away the lives of innocent people and prevent an approaching ship from getting wrecked into the shore so while John was facing Caleb Stratton and Jeremy Haines trying to put out the false beacon, Simon Mawgan scared away the wreckers by pretending to be a corpse light, and John 's father drove away the wreckers." ( pg. 180-187) It is clear that these characters learned the theme by working together and putting their …show more content…

The theme applies to our lives in our society because we shouldn’t be afraid when it comes to the point where you need to make a difference or save lives by risking your own life considering that there are people who died with honor or became amazing heroes from doing this and they are not afraid since they know that they are doing the right thing like protecting the people who need their help. This story motivated me to not be afraid to risk your for others and to not be a bystander to violence. I would totally recommend this book to others who are interested in historical fiction, adventure stories about sailing, and

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