Power Of Choice In 'The Bass, The River And Sheila Mant'

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Braydon Gaspar
Mrs. Harnett
English 1, Period 4
September 19, 2016

The Power of Choice in The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant
In the story "The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant" by W.D. Wetherall, the narrator acts like someone he 's not to impress a girl. The narrator had been waiting the whole summer to ask out Sheila Mant. Every day he observes her moods and her actions on the lake. When he finally got the guts to ask her out she, said "yes" and they went to a concert. The narrator loved to fish and he practiced all the time. For his big date he cleaned up his boat and got it all nice and shiny to impress Sheila. On their way to the concert there the boy set up his fishing rod, and out of nowhere he felt a gigantic tug on the line. He knew it was a Largemouth Bass. Since Sheila had been telling him how she doesn’t like fishing, the boy did not want her to know that he had his rod out. Right there he had …show more content…

This is where the sacrifice comes in. He doesn’t give up Sheila, but he gives up huge bass that has kept snagging on the narrator’s fishing line. It is the biggest bass that he has ever seen or caught, and he probably will never find a bass like that ever again. But then, Sheila Mant is equally impressive. And it is impossible to have both, though the narrator keeps trying to keep the bass on the line, until he has to cut it.
The second example of theme in this story is Romance. I chose this theme for romance because this whole story is about the narrator trying to get a seventeen year old girl for his whole summer, “There was a summer in my life when the only creature that seemed lovelier to me than a largemouth bass was Sheila Mant”. This quote shows how much he likes this Sheila and how much he wants to take her on a date before the summer ends. I chose romance as a theme because the narrator in the story has strong feelings for Sheila and he sacrificed the biggest fish of his life just to make Sheila like

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