Theme Of Beauty In Eugenia Collier's The Marigold

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There is beauty in life for those who choose to see it. The Marigold is a story that is about the time of the Great Depression and how people were growing up in poverty with no shoes, little to no clothing, and barely a roof over their heads literally.The theme is see the good in little things for those that do see it. The marigolds were a symbol of beauty in all of the ugliness that was around them but at the time Elizabeth could not see it until it was too late. The title of the book is Marigolds short story by Eugenia Collier and is historical fiction. The first theme would be don't judge a book by it's cover, this is because they assumed that Ms. Lottie just had the flowers just because they looked good, not knowing they had a significance and a meaning to her, everyone just thought because she had some pretty flowers in her yard they …show more content…

Lottie’s flowers were also a symbol of beauty to all of the ugliness around her it helped her believe that there was hope and even though everything was ugly around them something could be beautiful. But at the time Elizabeth could not see that she didn't understand the meaning until it was too late and they had been destroyed. On page 223-24 lines 362-54 she was telling us the meaning of the flowers and how she now knew why Ms. Lottie kept them in her yard against all of the ugliness. In the story the author what the author said about the marigolds she destroyed and what they meant to Ms. Lottie. The author said,” Whatever verve was left in her, whatever was of love and beauty and joy that had not been squeezed out by life, had been there in the marigolds she had so tenderly cared for.” So atlast she finally realised she understood what and why she had the marigolds in her yard even though by now it was too late because she had destroyed all of the beauty that was left in in those horrible

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