Comparison Of The Flowers By Joyce Carol Oates

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In “The Flowers”, Alice Walker explores the woods through the eyes of a little girl named Myop, but she soon realizes the world isn’t as nice as flowers. In “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”, Joyce Carol Oates follows a young girl named Connie who is focused on others and her own appearance, until she is introduced to the world in a unexpected way. Both Walker and Oates use young girls to show the harsher sides of the world and how their childhood changes to adulthood in different ways.
The main thing that Myop and Connie have in common is that they are both females, but their looks and the way the live are totally different. Myop is a ten-year-old African American girl who lives in a sharecropper cabin, which shows that she is in the lower class of living, and is shows that she lived at a different time than Connie. Since she is so young every day was “a golden surprise that caused excited little tremors to run up her jaw” (Walker). She is so pure and innocent that she sees no troubles in the world, just the warm sun and pretty plants. Connie, on the other hand is a fifteen-year-old Caucasian girl who probably is middle class. She lives in a more modern time since she walked “ around the shopping plaza in their shorts and flat ballerina slippers that always scuffed the sidewalk, with charm bracelets jingling on their thin wrists; they would lean together to whisper and laugh secretly if someone passed who amused or interested them” (Oates). Connie did what most

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