Ignorance In Myop

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The idea that life is all sunshine and flowers is quickly diminished by the true horrors that await us in our lifetime. Ignorance is the key to maintaining a carefree lifestyle; once the exposure begins there is no denying what goes on right under your nose. Myop’s life up until this point has been an endless summer filled with flower picking while a song plays in her head. Her summer ends abruptly when she makes and unsightly discovery in the woods behind the house. Her discovery essentially ends her summer and her ignorance of what the world really has to offer her. It is made clear to us as readers that Myop is a young girl of color. This is crucial to the point of this story. As Myop passes “her family’s sharecropper cabin” she is still naïve to what will come of her day. The time of sharecroppers was when slavery was just beginning to end, meaning there was still violence and hate crimes towards people of color. Owners of the plantations still treated black men with no respect as though they were still slaves. Myop was unaware of his hate and violence until he plants her foot directly into the remnants of the violence. When she is introduced to death is does not end her innocence; death is naturally and not something to be feared. When she discovers “the rotted remains of a noose” it becomes clear that this man she has found was …show more content…

She will still pick flowers and the sun will still come out. Now she will have an understanding of what the world is really like and she will simply be more cautious in turn making her appreciative of what good the world may offer from time to time. It is not the knowledge obtained that is important but what you do with it. Myop was “unafraid” when she had to remove her foot from the dead man’s face instead she was curious. Once she understands what it means, Myop becomes a different person and is changed

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