The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Character Analysis

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In The Bass the River and Sheila Mant, W.D. Wetherell uses character development of Sheila and internal conflict of the narrator in order to show that the choices you make to please others are not as good as the choices you make to help yourself.

In the beginning, the narrator explains character development to describe Sheila and why she is so desirable. The narrator likes Sheila so much because she is a little bit older than him and that makes it harder to be with her, which drives the narrator more and more.The narrator is describing Sheila, in the beginning of the story to show how interested he is with her. “While to me, she appeared unutterably suave, the epitome of sophistication”. (Wetherell 1) The narrator is interested …show more content…

He confronts internal conflict in the story when he mounts the rod in the boat. The narrator is getting ready for his date with Sheila in the middle of the story, when he “mounted his Mitchell reel on his(made changes to quote) Pflueger spinning reel rod and stuck it in the stern”.(Wetherell 2) The narrator crosses paths with internal conflict as he puts the rod in the boat, allowing for the possibility of getting the bass on his line and causing conflict with Sheila's dislike for fishing. Along with his love of fishing. The narrator also encounters internal conflict when Sheila brings up Eric Caswell. Sheila is speaking to the narrator as they are rowing up the river, in the middle of the story. “Eric Caswells going to be there. He strokes the number four.”(Wetherell 2) The narrator deals with internal conflict when Sheila brings up Eric Caswell because they are on a date with each other and she is thinking about somebody else. To continue, the narrator faces internal conflict when sheila says she thinks fishing is dumb. Sheila is talking to the narrator as they are rowing up river in the middle of the story. “I think fishing is dumb she said, making a face. I mean it is boring and all . Definitely dumb.”(Wetherell 2) The narrator confronts internal conflict when Sheila said that she thinks fishing is dumb since the narrator enjoys fishing and likes Sheila so much. From the

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