Poem Analysis: The Leaving By Brigit Pegeen Kelly

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People have the need to always prove their self worth to everyone. In the poem The Leaving, Brigit Pegeen Kelly demonstrates how an individual’s environment and expectations of others encourages a person’s actions. In the poem the girl is so dedicated to her work that she’s willing to stay late even when her father doubts her. The speaker takes on the challenge to prove to her father that she can complete her task, and she successfully proves to him that she can do it. By proving her self worth to her father, the speaker faces new challenges along the way that test her own thoughts and decision making which ultimately determines the pursuit of her hard work. Responsibilities that are set out by other individuals who have their own purposes and expectations that affects the independent decision of an individual’s action as more pressure to succeed is being placed on them. The girl in the poem is trying to finish her own task of picking the peaches. She’s tired and sore but she still …show more content…

In the poem, the speaker lived on an orchard farm where work ethic had been developed and strengthened. The speaker has developed a strong work ethic that drives her to stay up all night picking peaches. This strong work ethic encourages the girl to complete her responsibilities. “and the pond was—I could see as I laid the last peach in the water—full of fish and eyes.” The fish in the pond represent how the unseen events can rupture a person’s success within time with people challenging and downplaying one’s hard work and success. Also, the fish represent the obstacles that one may face while trying to reach their goal and shaping their ability to achieve it. This ultimately challenges them to decide whether to accept the task and grow or abandon their dreams by giving up. The girl’s the environment around her influenced her hard work ethic and her decision to have patience to accomplish her

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