The Bass The River And Shelia Mant Analysis

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Journal 1 I am reading “the bass, the river, and Shelia Mant ” by W.D Wetherill. So far this story is about this boy who likes a girl that joust moved near bass boy. In this journal I will be questioning and
As I read this story, I wonder if the narrator will pick bass or Sheila. It is possible that he’ll pick the bass. Only because bass loves to fish everyday every night he goes fishing still yet he doesn’t hate it. Second of all bass has lots of knowledge in fishing then anything else. He also is really impressive at it and the fish is really big. Sheila is pretty bass likes her she seems kind and knows lots of stuff and always being creped on by bass. Second of all Sheila is older then bass by about 1 year. Last is the funny part is when

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