The Bass The River Sheila Mant Analysis

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Sometimes people have to make a hard decision or choice in life when deep down they have to end up letting go of one of the options. In the story, “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” that was brought to life by W.D Wetherell, when the narrator had to make a hard choice of either letting Sheila go or the bass.There are many reasons the narrator had one of the hardest choices, including his immaturity as a teenage boy. The other main reason that it was a hard choice was that he wanted to impress Sheila, and since she didn’t like fishing he had to pretend to be someone he was not.
Firstly, in the beginning of the story the narrator had an obsession with Sheila. He had fallen into a trap of her beauty, intelligence, and just her whole perspective …show more content…

During that time he didn't have his license to be able to drive considering he was a teenager then being hit by that question many different scenarios started to run in his mind on what do I do, what do I say, Is she going to leave now and so on. Since the narrator wanted anything but to embarrass himself he responded they would travel by a canoe not telling why he did not have a normal vehicle. Secondly, when they finally started boarding the canoe Sheila started complaining about many things for example when she heard the splashing of the bass in the river which then lead her to express her feelings towards fishing.As stated in the book Sheilas exact words “I think fishings dumb, I mean its boring and all. Definitely dumb”. She also started complaining when she started to become aware of the buzzing noises of the bats and as well with just the whole boat ride she totally disliked. After Sheila had made her statement on how the nature part of the night especially the part on the fishing. As the narrator had said earlier in the beginning of the story about how he would do anything to impress her he ended up acting like

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