The Lightning Thief Theme Analysis

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A great story always has at least one theme. A theme is a central idea that the story’s events make the reader think about deeply. They are like the ground work of the story, giving the reader something to hold on to through out the story. Some stories may contain many themes, however, they all need at least one to give direction as well as purpose to the reader. Several themes appear in Rick Riordan 's novel Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, including the fight against good and evil, friendship, and the betrayal of loved ones. Because of these, the book takes on a much deeper meaning.

The fight against good and evil has been a reoccurring theme throughout history. The light against the dark, life against death, you get the picture. The reason this is such a strong, prevalent theme is because it is extremely easy to base it on the real world. In The Lightning Thief, the use of this theme is what basically creates the story. If not for good against evil , their would be no conflict.

Another extremely large theme in the pool of literature is friendship in a story. Friendship can hold and entire novel together and create connections with the reader that are much, much deeper. This theme is used in most pieces of writing that contain characters without many people knowing about it. What many people also do not know is that though …show more content…

Theme holds a story together and provides the iconic pieces of literature we see today. In Rick Riordan 's The Lightning Thief, we see three major themes that all come together in order to make the story. The fight against good and evil is a classic theme that develops the plot in a novel. Friendship is the underlying theme in which nobody reall knows is there, however, it has a huge effect. Finally betrayal, the cunning theme that introduces irony and tragedy in a writing to make it much more interesting. The use of theme in The Lightning Thief and every other pieces of writing or novel is imperative in order to create great

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