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Copper Sun is a book written by Sharon M. Draper. The book takes place during the Transatlantic Slave Trade which is where thousands to millions of African Americans were bought and sold into slavery. In this book, a 15 year old girl named Amari is taken away from her village and forced into slavery. Amari loses her family resulting from the explosion at her village (Draper 17). Amari has no one until she meets many people throughout her journey, seeking the freedom to go home. Many themes can emerge throughout the story. A theme is the underlying message or main idea in the story. A theme in copper sun is, even though there are challenges and struggles to be faced, you should always stay resilient and brave.
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After every hard day of work, Amari collapsed on the floor of tiredness in their small cabin at the slave fields (Draper 125). Her exhaustion only makes her stronger, to which she cannot be broken. Amari only did more and more to seek a better and stronger future. Amari was tired at most times and felt like giving up, but she was humbled and gained confidence seeking escape (Draper 98). She stayed busy working day and night (Draper 137). After all the long days and nights of working and exhaustion, Amari was determined to stay strong in order to stay strong and survive (Draper 100). Just like Amari, there are many other characters in the book who show resilience and bravery. Polly is another servant seeking to escape (Draper 75). Just like Amari, Polly has faced tragedy and cruelty (Draper 78). She uses her strength of bravery to the journey of freedom. In the process of this, Polly risks her life all for the chance of freedom. (Draper …show more content…

Tizra, one of the villagers in Amari’s village, told Amari there was no hope for escape and that she should give up (Draper 20). Amair’s resilience and bravery shown throughout the book proves to Tizra that she could overcome any challenges that were thrown at her (Draper 105). Amari and Polly worked together throughout the book to find a way to freedom after running into Dr. Hoskins, their helper to escape (Draper 207-208). Amari and Polly’s bravery helped them believe in themselves and believe in others. For example, Polly believed in Cato and listened to his thoughts and plan about Fort Mose which was their place of freedom (Draper 207-208). Without resilience and bravery, Polly and Amari couldn’t have made it through the challenges and struggles brought upon

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