The Themes Of Copper Sun By Sharon M. Draper

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The novel Copper Sun has many themes and life lessons throughout it. The novel follows a fifteen year old girl named Amari as she is put into slavery, beaten, raped, and her escape from captivity (Sharon M. Draper 15, 57, 205). The novel describes how Amari builds strong bonds with those around her and how she never stops believing that freedom is just around the corner. Even with all of the chaos and adventures that takes place throughout the novel the author still has themes in the story either intentionally or unintentionally. Sharon M. Draper used many themes throughout the novel and also left room for the reader to interpret themes of their own. One theme that can be found throughout the novel is that the loss of a family member or close friend can be the most heartbreaking thing a person can experience.
Within the first twenty pages of Copper Sun, Amari loses her entire family. Amari watched as her father was stabbed in the stomach and her mother …show more content…

When Amari and the other slaves, Polly, Teenie, and Tidbit were all locked in the smoke house, Teenie was distraught because her only child, her baby boy, was going to be taken away from her (Draper 188). Tidbit at the time didn’t understand what was going to happen but later he would. Later in the novel Tidbit began to wail and squirm in Amari’s arms as he was taken from his mother (Draper 197). He screamed for his mother over and over again as Amari grabbed him in her arms to try to soothe him, but she knew there was nothing that would make Tidbit feel better (Dreper 198). Amari knew there was nothing she could do for Tidbit because she had also been through the same experience of losing her family. This follows the theme because both Amari and Tidbit lost the one or one’s they loved most and would now have to continue their life without

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