Summary Of Copper Sun By Sharon M. Draper

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Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper is about Amari, a slave, and Polly, an indentured servant, who embarks on a long and painful journey from her home, to Mr.Derby’s plantation, to the lands of Fort Mose. Amari was just an average African-American living in a peaceful village until one day, white people came and massacred her entire village except for the young and strong people. They were taken away and sold into slavery. Amari got sold to Mr. Derby, a rice plantation owner. He bought Amari as a gift for his son Clay for his sixteenth birthday. She would work in the kitchen during the day, and at night, she would be called into Clay’s bedroom. Amari and Polly discover a scandal, when Mr. Derby’s wife, Mrs. Derby, gives birth to a black baby.

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