American Colonial Slavery System

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During the American colonial period, labor was the main source for economy in many of the colonies. In which slavery was established due to the fact that land owners not willing to pay for their workers and getting easy money without getting their hands dirty. Slavery was used by many owners during the American colonial period. The evolution of slavery got established because of England started to use the Headright-System which meant if you traveled to the “new world” you would get land in return because England population was too overpopulated. In which the headright system lead to Indentured servants. The evolution of slavery will play a huge part in the American colonial slavery leading up to the civil war. In England the population for…show more content…
They would ask the wealthy families if they could work for them. The wealthy people said yes and they had contracts on what they had to do for a certain time and what you would get back in return after many years of working with them. The contracts had a period of up to a 7 year contract or sometimes they had to collect certain amount of money before the contracted ended so they could leave early. The indentured servants were most likely farmers than any other work force because in the southern colonies the crops provided the money. In exchange they would get land or money. They would most likely choose the land because they wanted to provide something to their family in the future so they wouldn 't suffer as much as him/her. In effect the people who were hiring the indentured servants got wealthy by just proving necessities to the poor coming to the new world to work for them. The only part of the colonies that couldn 't take advantage were the northern colonies because their land wasn 't made for cash crops. It was made more for fishing because they were more close to the…show more content…
Afterwards the first rebellion named Bacon 's rebellion started in 1676 led by Nathaniel Bacon. People from the virginia colony raised up and the Governor of Virginia named William Berkeley 's didn 't do anything nothing to stop the Indian attacks. So most of them took matter and started attacking the Indians. Nathaniel burned the capital of virginia and was trying to kill the governor. But then in 1676 Bacon died in effect of recruiting forces they defeated the last troops. The on January 1677 had authority back and the governor Berkeley went back to England but ended up dieing. Which ended the first ever rebellion of the colonies to exist. Overall the evolution of slavery started out good with headright system giving poor people from Europe to begin a new life by moving into the new world. They took advantage and made most of it. Afterwards the owners needed people to work on labor so they passed an act where you could ask the owners for a job in which in reward you would get land to get your life started and give your family a future. In later years the owners needed
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