Glory Be By Augusta Scattergood: Book Summary

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Book Report #4 The book I read this quarter was Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood. Its Lexile level is 680. This book is about a 11-year old girl named Gloriana Hemphill, who now comprehends how much racism is a problem in her hometown in Mississippi in 1963. In this book Glory is overwhelmed with how her town is handling people who are different than they are. She realizes that her favorite local pool is closing down so colored people can’t swim with the whites. Glory becomes an activist herself and writes a letter to the newspaper lining which makes her preacher father proud. Therefore, the theme of this book is to treat everyone equally, such as when Glory’s friend Frankie from Ohio drinks out of the “colored fountain”. Also, when Glory’s sisters boyfriend that he was arrested for sitting with a “colored friend” at the white table. Finally, when Glory’s African- American maid helped her the most when it comes to maturing. From here on, Glory does everything she possibly can to get the swimming pool back open for all people. Like is says on page 75 “Dear Tribune Editor, Do you know how hot it is in the summer? All the children of Hanging Moss want someplace to swim.”. She is writing letters to the newspaper just …show more content…

Even though, he supports her in while she is trying to open up the pool, he isn’t helping her. They only people trying to get the pool open to everyone is Glory, and Frankie, her best friend from Ohio, is not much help. Frankie dislikes African-Americans which is influenced by her racist father and her abusive brother. However, Frankie’s sister and sister 's boyfriend are trying to influence her the opposite direction that her father is. Like it says on page 92 “I was talking with my colored friend, the police came. Pulled us out of the street.”. Being with different people was a big problem back then. Something you could go to jail for. It isn’t fair for people who have friends that are

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