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The book Copper Sun is a great book that’s about a 15 year old girl named Amari and her people who were taken from her village. Most of the adults and little kids were gunned down but lots of the young and healthy teenagers were taken and chained up. Amari and her friends didn’t have a choice but to walk a great distance along the ocean. They later arrived at a slave ship. Which is what Amari and her friends had become. On the boat there were terrible conditions. People were hungry ,sick ,thirsty ,dirty , getting raped and lying in there waste. The leaders on the ship didn’t care when the people didn’t survive. They just tossed them overboard into the sea. They arrived in a town in America named Charls town. Amari and her friends were feed good …show more content…

Clay named her Myna because she was the only thing that he had. While Amari was on the plantation she met a white girl named Polly. She had to teach her the language that the white people spoke and manners. Polly was sold to Mr. Derby as an indentured slave. Polly and Amari were told to serve the family one night. That night Amari dropped a pie on the carpet and was beat by Mr. Derby in front of everyone. Later on in the story Mrs. Derby gets pregnant and the father is Mrs.Derby’s bodyguard named Noah. Mr.Derby thinks that it’s his baby. He finds out that it is not his baby when the baby comes out black. He’s filled with anger and shoots Noah and the baby. Since Amari, Polly and Teeny tried to help Mrs.Derby and hide the baby from Mr.Derby by saying it was a stillborn he sent Amari, Polly, and Tidbit with a doctor so they could be sold. The doctor doesn’t believe in slavery and gives them food, water and a gun with enough ammo for one shot and sends them on their way. While they are on the journey to Fort Mose, Amari, Polly, and Tidbit were found by Clay. Clay tried to take Amari back to the farm, but Polly shot him and it hit the side of Clays

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