Similarities Between Copper Sun And Fever 1793

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Final exam Day 2

Throughout both texts Copper sun and Fever 1793 both main characters show similarities through their journeys. Mattie and Amari both had to adapt at an early age. Both characters are the protagonists and show major transformation from beginning to end. Matties and Amari both have to become adults at an early stage in their lives. Amari being forced into slavery and having her whole family killed right in front of her made Amari a strong willed girl. Having everything taken away from you having to adapt to changes in your life these are things both girls had to endure. Mattie and Amari both show persistence in the text. The way that they both show this is by having to take care of children that aren’t theirs. Nell is …show more content…

Amari goes from being a slave and forced to do things no human should have to endure and still ends up being free in the end of Copper Sun. Amari learns how to pick the right fruits and plants so that the group doesn't get sick.Showing Amaris ability to adapt to her surroundings. I felt like she stepped up and became a woman when she needed too.Both girls had love interests in their lives Amari was taken from her love Besa. Mattie has a lover as well his name is Nathmore aniel Benson. Amari tries to get Besa to escape and run away with them. Besa tells Amari that he has already found another woman and he doesnt need her anymore. Nathaniel benson leaves gifts for polly in a time of chaos. The love interest in both texts brings out a side of both characters that shapes the way they think throughout their lives. Amari and Mattie both had friends with the name polly. Amaris Polly was much more significant to Amari than Matties Polly was to her. Amari and polly meet each other for the first time at the farm and have to learn to tolerate each other. The two travel many miles together and also have to take care of tidbit. Polly teaches Amari how to speak english and do normal everyday life things.Amari tells polly she has never had a white friend , Polly tells Amaris she has never had a black friend. Mattie has a close bond with polly as she used to play with her. This was the first death that Mattie has to deal with

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