Fever 1793 Adversity Quotes

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Throughout Fever 1793 several characters experience significant challenges or adverse situations but the one character that I think experienced the most challenges and was faced with the most adversity was Mattie. Grandfather’s death is when Mattie was faced with the most adversity. She changed a lot after his death, she became mentally stronger. Also, I learned a lot about life from Mattie’s response to her grandfather’s death. The one pivotal moment where I think Mattie faced significant adversity is when her grandfather dies. She faced a lot of adversity when he died because she thought she could have prevented his death. “His hands were around Grandfather’s throat. Grandfather weakly hit back at the man, but it had no effect. The man …show more content…

‘“I would like to place an advertisement in your newspaper. I’m searching for my mother. She’s gone’” (Anderson 157). This quote shows that Mattie is more responsible and she’s trying to look for her mother on her own. Grandfather’s death helped Mattie become more independent and more of an adult, so his death wasn't all bad. From Mattie’s response to grandfather's death I can learn that life isn’t always easy. Also, when something doesn’t go your way in life don’t give up. Just like when Mattie’s grandfather died she didn't want it to go like that but it did anyway. “Dead? Grandfather couldn’t be dead” (Anderson 147). And she didn’t stop trying to look for her mother she never gave up even when faced with adversity. “I was alone; Grandfather was dead and Mother missing. I had survived the fever but still felt weak” (Anderson 156). Mattie helped me learn a lot about life, and that it isn’t always easy. In conclusion, Mattie was faced with a lot of adversity but she never gave in and she kept on ploughing ahead even when times were tough. Mattie is a very strong character that faced a lot of challenges and that’s why I think she stood out from the rest of the

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