Similarities Between Ethan Frome And Snow White

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Ethan Frome Essay
Ethan Frome the dark novel and Snow White the light-hearted, enjoyable fairy tale have more comparable things than most people would think. The two distant stories have many characteristics that are alike, such as the symbols, the colors, and the characters. There are similar characters such as Zeena and the Evil Queen, Ethan and the prince, and lastly Mattie and Snow White. Mattie Silver, a character from Ethan Frome, and Snow White from Snow White’s Fairy Tale have many similar physical and behavioral qualities. Mattie and Snow have similar beginnings, they both had to work for a family member or friend in order to have a place to live.
Mattie Silver grew up having to work as a “housekeeper” for Ethan and Zeena Frome (Ammons

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