Mattie's Definition Of Poverty In Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton

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In Ethan Frome written By Edith Wharton the definition of poverty is not having anything or money. An impoverished character was Mattie Silver. Mattie Silver having nothing but 50 dollars from the sale of her piano. (Frome 32) She then relocated to Starkesfield without any other place to go. Living in the Frome’s home she had to learn and adapt to a lifestyle she wasn’t custom to. Being that she was impoverished it caused her to behave sometimes inappropriately because she wasn’t used to anything. First, Mattie came to live in Starkfield because she was left with nothing after the death of her parents. Zeena her cousin was the only family member who was willing to take her in.(Shmoop) Mattie’s duty was to take care of Zeena and tend to the

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