Can Poverty Be Eradicated?

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Can poverty be eradicated?

Poverty is lack of money to the point that the individual cannot afford their basic needs. There are two types of poverty, which are absolute and relative. Absolute poverty is lack of basic needs for a long period of time that puts your life in danger, which opposes with relative poverty, which covers the vital and biological needs like food, clean water, and basic housing. (, 2011)

In my opinion, I think poverty can not be eradicated because there are forty percent of people who are at poverty level, which means 2.8 billion people. In addition, it is difficult to eradicate poverty since we have so many corrupt officials when the governments give the funds to the poor people, those officials will take the money from the funds to do dishonest or illegal things with it. Poverty can not be eradicated unless people educate their children offering them a better life. For example, if a poor family does not send their children to school therefore their children will not get education and a well paid job in the future. With the job that they can get without any education will enable them to get jobs that will only offer them basic living. Furthermore, poverty can not be eradicated in some areas because of poor quality and quantity of foods, clean water and medical assistance. Moreover, with bad environment it can cause the disease and people could be death of the disease as they do not have good quality of medical condition.

In general,

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