Growing Up Poverty

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The Effects of Growing up in Poverty Poverty is not a new phenomenon we are dealing with. It has been an issue from the foretime till now. Poverty gradually has continued and changed its form in a different manner that has created many problems for the new generations, for example, in the old days poverty implicated to lack land and food, but nowadays, poverty means lack of education, lack of food and water, lack of money and much more. The main cause of poverty is a lack of money or income which has created a very critical situation in local and international society. These critical situations are child labor, hunger, health problems and much more that we are dealing with nowadays. Although there are many effects of growing up in poverty, but the major effects are divided into three parts that are social life, health issues and hunger. The first major effect is hunger which creates enormous problems for children and adults. Hunger is a common phenomenon that has spread all over the world and produced …show more content…

A lack of money or low income is the main reason to be uneducated or less educated, because to have access to learning facilities you need money and if your family income is low then you will lose all the opportunities that other people has it. Another effect is, having less network of communication in society and less interaction of people toward poor once, which separate these tow part of society. The very last and major effect of growing up in poverty is being victims in a society. Being a victim means that every burden and hard work in a society are on the poor peoples because they do not have basic education. In addition, poverty creates homelessness, violence inside the home and outside in society, and child labor, which nowadays it is a worldwide

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