Effects Of Poverty In America

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The Effects of Poverty in America
“In 2007 about one out of every eight children in America was on food stamps. Today that number is one out of every five” (U.S Census Bureau). This statistic from the U.S Census Bureau illustrates how the poverty level of Americans is getting worse and worse. This statistic explains what every day poor American families must face and that it also greatly affects the lives of their children. In today’s society, America is ailed by the instantaneous increase of Americans living in poverty, causing families to take several risks in order to provide all of their family’s necessities.
Although it may seem that America is the “land of opportunity”, millions of Americans struggle to survive on how much they earn. Throughout the United States, indigent Americans experience many difficult obstacles in order to survive illustrating their need to provide for their family. A recent article about understanding the effects of poverty states “The number of homeless children throughout the U.S has increased by 60 percent over the past six years” (Sheffield, Rachel). This statistic is very scary because poverty in the U.S is constantly getting worse. The amount of homeless families has increased, which causes their children to struggle through school and have a much harder time becoming successful in the future. Poverty affects everyone in their family and puts a lot of stress on the parents to make enough to survive. Millions of American families tend
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