Rethinking American Poverty Summary

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I. Rank R., Mark.2011. “Rethinking American Poverty.” Context 10(2):16-21. II. Misconceptions the public has about poverty mostly who is responsible for preventing it. a. This work can be used as a source to add in chapter 11 of the book since it delves more deeply into why there is poverty in America. b. The author 's main goal is to inform people as to how poverty occurs, to whom it occurs to, who is affected and ways to prevent it. c. The lack of viable opportunities for all Americans. III. A theory in the work is that political and economic structures failed to provide enough decent opportunities and support to the whole economy. IV. The Author does not present any original research, does use sources to come to conclusions on poverty. The author doesn’t mention the methodology used. V. …show more content…

The article is thought provoking. It alerts the reader to new less commonly known facts on poverty such as the fact that it takes more money to only combat causes of poverty instead of actually strategically preventing it from happening in the first place. a. The author does not make any reference to prior research. b. The article is not current but, it can be used as a comparison between poverty studies of today to that of five years prior. VI. It expands on the blame the poor and the blame society view in the book. The Article does the by bringing up the preconceived notions that most individuals would have about poverty, then shows research material with statistics to show evidence of his claim. a. I learned that the only way true way actually stop poverty is for individuals to start making an active role in its prevention and not just pushing the blame to someone else. I also learned that it cost more money to pay for the results of poverty than to combat the

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