Pros And Cons Of Social Disorganization

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When someone discusses the social disorganization theory it is currently focus on the relationship between people crimes social control and deviant’s behaviors caused by the environment for example if u live in an area where most crimes were to happen like domestic abuse drug trafficking or gang violence then the people around or more likely to commit crimes than ones who live in good neighborhoods. Today in our community crime effects schools work even our own homes. According to Na’im H. Madyun the author of Connecting Social Disorganization Theory to African-American Outcomes article stated that “due to high poverty single parent households it is very difficult to create social ties to the community because they believe that society does not want to help the neighborhood who have very high crime rates”(Madyum) What he means by this statement is that when someone in a neighborhood even the school is effected by crime then most kids will end up being a delinquent at an early age for example they’ll start joining gangs by recruiting them through media or on the street and getting involve in crimes while they are in middle school or high school due to parents who go to work to work every day or might be addicted to drugs and abuse their kids in their own houses. What I remembered …show more content…

Robert Chambers the author of Poverty in Focus was talking about the one of the disadvantages of poverty and the effects that it causes for example lack of education and social relations One of the statements he was talking about that I found interesting was when he stated “Poverty can happen when incomes are deprived and resources needed to keep society intact and without those resources then society will breakdown from a good neighborhood to a dangerous one.”

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