Poverty In Winston Salem

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Theonne White Liberty University

The topic poverty was chosen due to the fact it is a serious issue that should not be taken for granted. People from the vulnerable population is often forgotten about within society. As the researcher, one’s objective is to highlight the social issue poverty the history, demographics, and its effects. Why is this social issue poverty important? In the city that the researcher resides in, individuals are without a job & shelter. There is little economic growth which results in high levels of poverty. The downtown area of Winston Salem has abandon infrastructures. Panhandling is used as …show more content…

People who have low wage jobs live paycheck to paycheck and rely on public assistance as a supplement. Poverty has a negative effect on families such as access to resources, school choice, and social mobility. Minimum wages have been stagnant since 2009 Congress refuses to increase the wages. A solution to end poverty is to increase wages and create jobs. Most Republican politician agrees on cutting public assistance programs. The newly elected president Donald Trump Proposed budget cuts for food stamps and meals on wheels. The researcher perceives this tactic as a form of punishment on the less fortunate. Politicians make at least six figures they could care less about the have nots.


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