The Inner Circle Gary Crew Analysis

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Have you ever seen the effects that poverty can cause, the brains that it destroys through mental health issues or bodies it infects through physical ailments? I am writing to you to inform you of the problems that many people in society suffer from, the effects of poverty. In a novel I have recently studied call ‘The Inner Circle’ by Gary Crew he highlights this issue in the main two characters. This issue has spread all over the world and attack countries whether first, second or third-world. Global Issues has told us that at least 80% of humanity is living off less than $10 a day or that according to UNICEF 20,000 children die every day due to poverty. These statistics are heart breaking and make you think why so many innocent little 5-year-old children deserve to die quietly in a dark alley without anyone knowing or caring.

Poverty has direct impacts on the mental health of the people that are affected by it. A study by Harvard University says that 6% of Americans are severely mentally ill compared to the 20%-25% of homeless people that are mentally ill. A study in Australia showed that 90% of the homeless population had at least 1 mental illness compared to the 20% of the normal population. A Canadian study shows that people suffering from poverty are 25 times the …show more content…

It ruins the mental health of many, puts many in positions that they can’t even afford to eat any more and the cycle and that keeps you trapped on the inside like a prison. But just imagine being in poverty, watching your very own malnourished and mentally broken child grow into and adult. You would so proud of him, and devastated at the same time that although you want to help, you can’t. Although you want to feed him, you can’t. Although you want to teach him, you can’t. Luckily you are not in this position, you are in a position to end this plague that should not still infect people because we can easily cure

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