Social Justice And Poverty Essay

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How do you define the harshness of society? Social Justice and Poverty is a hard concept to analyze when one does not have a clear understanding of the social justice structure and why most people living in poverty remain poor. Looking beyond the aspects of what causes everyday circumstances and situations, society must become more well-rounded to people living in poverty are lacking their everyday hierarchical needs. In a world with people who are very rich and people who are very poor, society tends to put their focus on making the rich richer. Poverty has swept over many cities, states and countries with low unemployment rates, child hunger, economic violence, homelessness, and major social class issues. With unemployment being …show more content…

Society tends to create places that are not friendly or look down upon people who are poor or just their harsh circumstances. So many people in today’s world are indulging in social criminality such as drug related activities, prostitution/ sex trafficking, and committing petty crimes to meet their basic needs, because these people are so vulnerable and is willing to do anything for a meal higher authority such as the government, and politicians often take advantage of this certain group of people. In the article, Food, Pantries, Poverty and Social Justice the author states “Food insecurity is only part of poverty, inadequate nutrition all too often is associated with inadequate shelter, lack of health care, bad education, and poverty is at the core all.” (Greenberg p3). Poverty brings so many life struggles and complications that may result in extreme hungry. Starvation, treatable and untreatable diseases because a person living under such harsh conditions do not have any access to health care or food and sometimes are forced to engage in various behaviors that exposes them to HIV/Aids, crack, harsh drinking problems and some become suicidal and or harm others because they are unable to cope with society and leaving in poverty. In the article, Human Development,

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