Poverty In America Is Mainstream By Mark R. Rank Summary

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Many Americans throughout their life might experience at least a one year in poverty. To be considered living in poverty your annual income must be below the official poverty line. In the article “Poverty in America is Mainstream” by Mark R. Rank, he states that there are myths and stereotypes that surround poverty in America, including that poverty only affects a small number of Americans. Rank uses justifying statistics, as well as appeals to the audience’s emotions, and his credibility to get us to truly understand that poverty can/does affect the everyday American. In the article, Ranks uses persuasive statistics to prove that poverty affects the everyday American. In his argument he says that “while poverty strikes a majority of the …show more content…

When we talk about poverty we only talk about those who spend year in poverty not, but we don’t realize that there are so many more people that live in poverty, whether or not it’s only a couple months or a couple years. He shows that poverty affect more people than we are really aware of. This helps us understand that poverty doesn’t just affect a small number of Americans but rather a larger number that what we are of. He also reports that “only approximately 10% of those in poverty live in extremely poor urban neighborhoods. Households in poverty can be found throughout a variety of urban and suburban landscapes…this dispersion of poverty has been increasing over the past 20years particularly within suburban areas” (1). He shows that there are just as many households in poverty in suburban areas, as in urban areas. Since, we normally only think that household in poverty are in urban areas, we don’t really think that there would be household in poverty in suburban areas as well. When you think Americans living poverty you only think about those who live in urban areas. We only talk about those in that live in the urban areas because it is sadder, and makes people that want to help more, than …show more content…

When he states this in his argument it shows that he’s trying to appeal to the emotion of the audience, by trying to get them to feel bad for the kids that are living off food stamps and living in poverty. This shows that poverty affects more than just a small number of Americans, when it affects almost half of our

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