Urban Poverty In America

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We as a country have been dealing with many social issues since the beginning when this land was founded. We have overcome many of them, but there is still that mentality that many people have, which is we are not all equal and that not all of us deserve to live here. There are some things that society has imposed on our lives that can’t be shaken off entirely. Planners look into all of these issues when thinking of how to help cities flourish. Urban poverty is usually found in the inner city which is called the zone of transition, which is just outside of the CBD. This area is usually referred to as the ghetto or the slums. This is where low-income families that rely on welfare live. There are several reasons why these people ended up here. For some it’s just a way of life because that’s all they may know. For others, it’s something temporary that they plan on getting out from. The majorities that live in these low-income areas are minority groups, primarily Blacks or African Americans. Race has been and is still an issue in this country, which has led to segregation from where you can use the bathroom …show more content…

It wanted to help residents earn enough money to ease some of their poverty. Some of those ways that helped lessen poverty were to encourage macroeconomic growth, improve the skills necessary for the job, and to oppose places that discriminated. Later during Bill Clinton’s Presidency welfare was distributed fairly among the people that were in need of it.
Life is what you make it. Of course sometimes this life that people carry on was forcefully brought upon them or this was just what they know. I have always said that if you really want to change or be successful then to make your own destiny. Living in the ghetto was a way of life and it was all they ever knew because that’s how they grew up. If those people did not want to live in this poverty stricken area then it was up to then to think of a solution to get out of

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