Inequality In Mexico City Essay

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Social Studies
Spatial Inequality
Dividing a Once Thriving Mexico City

Mexico city has an inequality issue. The issue was caused by an unequal distribution of wealth. The standards of living within the city are very different. Spatial inequality in Mexico City has been going on for many years, and over time it has gotten worst. Now more than half of the city 's inhabitants live in Poverty. An Estimated 40% live below the poverty line. The city contains homeless street kids, piracy, pollution, crime, and 100,000 street vendors. At the same time the rich live in gated communities, houses with rooftop swimming pools. Many different lives just yards away.
In 1325 the Aztecs settled on the island of Lake Texcoco. They founded the …show more content…

In Mexico city, there are better standards of living compared to living in rural areas. In the city many people have opportunities for a decent wage. Also higher chance of allowing their children to go to school. Due to many farmers moving to the city, it has caused rural decline for the people in the surrounding cities.
Urbanization has caused many issues for Mexico City. Due to Urbanization over the years there has been an increase in pollution, poverty, and crime. Air Pollution is one the Mexico City’s Worst issues. Many residents of Mexico City suffer from Asthma and other illnesses due to air pollution. Many social problems have occurred due to urbanization. Their are not enough jobs in the city to keep everyone employed. Poverty has increased, causing the once thriving Mexico City to pick up the pieces.
In Upper middle class areas, many people don’t have to worry about having water, paying for school, or finding a job. 94% of houses in the upper class are made with better materials compared to many houses in Mexico City only being made with 78% of good materials. Only ¼ of Mexico City’s population lives in the Upper Middle class. That leaves over 16 million people to live in poverty in Mexico

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