Argumentative Essay On Urbanisation

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Urbanization To what extent is urbanization a critical driver of social instability, failure of infrastructure, water crises & the spread of infectious diseases? Urbanization is basically the gradual increase in the proportion of people living in the urban areas or a specific area, and the ways in how the society adapts to it. Urbanization can be a good impact to a country and has the ability to improve its economy and the life of people but it also has the ability to destroy the country and the life of all the people that exist there. GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: United States Of America : As I said urbanization can either improve a country’s state or totally destroy it. As for America urbanization had good benefits but it also did have effects that …show more content…

My perspective about this is each an every country has to firstly improve its relantionship with the people in the country and treat the high class and low class people the same basically give justice to both of them this way the country wouldn’t end up with poverty and dangerous crimes occurring in the country. Second of all, the country has to be well-prepared or atleast have the money and the space to use whenever needed. More over, each country has an advantage that helps it stay stable so why don’t you used it in a way that will advantage your country ? or why don’t you develop it into something more valuable so it can be traded, exported etc and that way the country’s economy will also get improved for example UAE is the major source of oil and petrol, Egypt is one of the major sources for plants and

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