What Are The Major Changes During The Gilded Age

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During the Gilded Age, there was major changes happening in the US involving the society, politics and economy of nation. The economy grew at an astonishing rate, producing enormous amount of wealth. It was a time where the majority of the population were struggling to get through, causing classification between classes. Life was different between groups such as the rich and the poor. Some of the problems that occurred was child labor, immigration, and minorities. One of the biggest incidences in the US was immigration. There was an immense growth within the urban population due to the rise of cities quickly becoming flooded with immigrants and workers from every corner of the country. However, living in a city did not meet high expectations. In the other hand, it was place with such poor qualities. The cities were overcrowded, lacked proper sanitation as well as housing. Child labor was another problem that occurred during the Gilded Age. Families could not afford to live with the little money they obtained from work. This meant that there was no other option but to send their children out to work. Children as little as five to six years old were out in factories working. The factories easily hired these young kids due to the fact that they could fit through anywhere. Children worked in very dangerous …show more content…

Even though the promise of equality was present for African Americans, this premise was never kept and African Americans remained segregated. Segregation separated whites and African Americans in public areas. Blacks and whites did not go to the school together, were given poor quality of materials, and did not have good education. Whites would beat or lynch Blacks whenever they were in the streets or crossed their neighborhoods. It was a crime for a colored person to argue against a white person. They only had slave like jobs and were paid very little while whites could be

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