Gilded Age Tension

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Final Assessment 86858 The tension between the rights of the few and the power of the majority is fueled by the jealousy that the power of the majority has to the select few that have it better. The tension between the right of the few and the power of the majority influenced/molded America for the better as shown by the great depletion, the gilded age, and slavery. Slavery is the white people of the south taking advantage of the blacks in the south by forcing free labor and harsh conditions on to the blacks. This was not a good time in history for the African Americans. The gilded age is the time in which the U.S. population and economy grew quickly, there were a lot of very wealthy people living very fancy lives. The Great Depletion was a very traumatic time in the U.S. because the stock market crashed and everyone wanted their money but the bank did not have it and then the whole economy went down and most people lived very unfortunate lives. …show more content…

population and economy grew very promptly and many wealthy people lived very fancy lives. The Gilded Age happened about 60-30 years before the Great Depression, however some people think that the Gilded Age is the cause of the Great Depression. The rights of the few in this situation happens to be the rich people because there is only a select few that are financially able to live their lives without any stress or worrying about money. On the other hand the power of the majority is the normal people of the world that are not as wealthy and do not make nearly the same amount as the rich people. The tension between the upper class and the lower class is caused by the pure fact of jealousy and not being nearly close financially. The tension of the Gilded Age influenced/molded America by opening jobs for immigrants, the creation of the middle class, the expansion of cities, and it also shifted the population for the countryside to the inner

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