Poverty Simulation Reflection

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When I walked into the room for the poverty simulation, I did not know what to expect. I was told to choose a name tag, and find the spot where my “family” was sitting. Once the simulation started I became aware of what exactly it was that they were trying to teach us. My role in my “family” was the disabled grandfather who was trying to raise his grandchildren with his wife while their mother was in jail for drug abuse. I was unable to do much since my character sheet said I had limited mobility and could not go places very often. Most of the time it was just me sitting alone in the group’s place while the kids were at school and the grandmother was at work and doing everything else to pay bills. It was hard since there was limited time to …show more content…

I am grateful to my parents for the life I have. During the simulation, I was incredibly stressed even though I knew it was a simulation. I felt helpless because I was not allowed to go to other places to help pay bills or do errands, and when I could I did not have the necessary items to leave the house since each facility required transportation tickets if you wanted to use it and my group members always left with all of them before I could ask to have a few to do my part. If this was difficult and stressful for me then I feel bad for those who have to go through this every day. My views have changed on poverty and how it really is. I was originally aware that often it is not someone’s fault they are in poverty, but often a consequence of circumstance. The “American Dream” that anyone who is willing to work hard and do their job right can make it big or move up in social classes is not true. For some it might be true, but often people who live in poverty are not allowed the resources or opportunities to change their situations. After the simulation I became more aware of just how many different challenges people can face when in poverty, and they might make enough money to not qualify for welfare, but that does not mean that they can always afford the basic needs of a family like food because all

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