Similarities Between Poverty And Poverty

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Defined, poverty means someone who lacks the socially acceptable amount of money to survive. Poverty often leads to a cycle of not being able to afford what is needed across generations. The US has about 12.7% of its population below the poverty line and the rate has been decreasing. The two perspectives that look at this topic in both a positive and negative light are the structural functionalist and the conflict theory. The structural functionalist theory believes everything is a working part of society and is needed to create a sort of well oiled machine and that every part has its own use and needed function. The conflict theory sees every aspect of society as a conflict between two groups for scarce resources and wants to minimize the conflict created thought it knows conflict will always exist. This perspective views poverty as a necessary part of society and its ability to function. Poverty creates workers in today 's economy because people in poverty are willing to work to gain money to support their needs and wants. Those who are better off in society aren 't as willing to do dangerous or dirty jobs. Their willingness to work to achieve what they want also gives them a higher sense of optimism when it comes to increasing their socioeconomic status in society. This makes “relatively lower-class individuals are more likely to engage in behaviors that actually promote economic mobility”. The functionalist believe that poverty is a necessity to society in that those

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