Functionalist Theory Of Dating Essay

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Dating is a normal thing in society now. You date someone and you either end up breaking up with him or her or end up spending the rest of your life with him or her. You create a bond between someone and that bond is either positive or negative. To understand why people date other people, social groups are observed. They are observed by theories. The functionalism theory is a macro-level theory. It sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote equilibrium and stability. These parts may be functional, which means that the society has beneficial consequences. They may also be dysfunctional, which means that society will have negative consequences. Both of these together will create equilibrium among the society, which …show more content…

These examples will be broken up into manifest functions, latent functions, and latent dysfunctions. Like said before manifest functions are intended and can have positive consequences. Dating is all about finding a person to become a spouse. A lot of people in society want to find their significant other that is why they search and date people until they find the one. At a young age, girls and boys see dating all around them; in movies, their parents, and society itself. It’s their intention to find a female or male and call them a mate. Dating is the way to determine whether one is ideal or not ideal for someone. It is building a relationship with someone and if that relationship transforms into something romantic, it is called dating. If not, it can be considered a friendship. Many people go on dates in groups of couples or friends, creating a stronger bond between the significant other and the friends. Whether being in a romantic relationship or friendship, it is positive because there are positive outcomes like being happy. Religion, money, education, and family can all be manifest functions because they are all intended. Some people will date other people due to their religion, their income, or how much education they have received. These functions are all intended and produce positive results within the

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