Poverty Is A State Of Mind Essay

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Poverty still occurs across the modern world which we live in nowadays. While the majority of people would relate the word poverty with less developed countries the truth is that poverty is to be found everywhere you look. Yet the term, poverty, is brought up to discussion. Because would you consider yourself poor even though you didn’t know the better scenario existed? And isn’t it sometimes enough just to have a bed to sleep in, food to eat and people around who love you? Some might say that whether or not you consider yourself poor are simply up to your mindset. Because sometimes just being grateful for what you have and not trying to search for the unattainable are more than enough. Having all the riches in the world is not necessarily the key to happiness and …show more content…

”You can take the boy out of poverty, but you can never take poverty out of the boy.”(ll.163-164). Hare uses a metaphor which makes poverty seem like a human trait. Using this metaphor clarifies the point that even if you manage to get out from a certain context, usually to a “higher” social position, some qualities will always remain in you. This trope does at the same time change the figure of speech as the noun poverty is used as a way to describe a person after the comma in the quote, and in that way it makes the word poverty seem more like an adjective. By making this metaphor and at the same time using poverty in different contexts, Hare raises the question, whether or not it is possible to escape from poverty or will the environment which you grew up in always leave traces. The reader clearly understands his point and Hare has created a foundation for further reflection upon the

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