Homelessness In The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls

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A suburban life is a paradise full of shopping, colorful gardens, and well-groomed homes. Despite all these benefits, a suburban life is an isolated life. People living in suburbs are rarely exposed to miseries in society. One of these conflicts is homelessness. When living in an environment surrounded by homes, individuals often have difficulty imagining not being able to sleep in a warm bed, eat a proper meal or even receive necessary medical attention. This grim situation is depicted in the writings of Jeannette Walls. In the memoir, The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls illustrates a perfectly dysfunction childhood characterized by persistent poverty and the chaos of her parents who were stuck in their broke lifestyle. The amazing thing about …show more content…

I believe it also means lacking the ability to live comfortably or having pretty much nothing to make it day by day. Some people in the U.S. say they are poor, but have a house, car and all of their bills are paid. They may not have any extra money to spend, but they are richer than they think compared to some people who don’t have that life at all. The difference with Jeanette and her family is that their parents chose to live this lifestyle. It may seem pretty selfish of the parents being they have young children and didn’t think twice about a steady upbringing. But throughout the book, I noticed how loving these parents still were regardless. We can all say that the childrens parents weren’t ideal when it came to raising their children, but they always made sure they were safe and taken care of throughout their crazy journeys. “Mom frowned at me. ‘You’d be destroying what makes it special’ she said, ‘It’s the Joshua’s tree’s struggle that gives it its beauty”. (Walls 34) The children were taught to always look at the glass half full that half empty. Throughout their struggle, their parents unique mindset set them apart from standard, but they never let their experiences turn into …show more content…

Rose Mary puts her dreams of being a painter before taking care of her own children, but this was a choice. She could have fed them, but Rex and Rose Mary raise their children showing them love and affection by creating a relationship of promises and stories of their many, eventful adventures. There seems to be a "traditional" way to raise your children according to standards, but the Walls decided to do things their way. It may seem as if they had bad parenting, but they still managed to continuously show their children love. Some parents may provide a roof over their children's head, clothes on their backs and food on the table, but never show love, teach vital lessons, and care about education that can mend them into well-adjusted adults. Unfortunately, the Walls didn't give both aspects of parenting, but still cared for their children in their own way. Great parents will help their children by promoting educational advancement in order to be successful in life. The Walls' children were able to even be enrolled in school, and the mother had many opportunities to work for the school, but decided against it. The many opportunities that this family had, proves even more that they weren't dirt poor. "At one point, both the Walls parents decided to enroll their children in school at Mary S. Black

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