Poverty In Chris Gardner's The Pursuit Of Happyness

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Why are people still poor to this day? That is a very broad question but we do know that poverty is still a crucial problem to achieving overall world happiness even in 2018. Poverty has been around for millennia but it 's even more of a problem now in 2018. This is because it is becoming more extreme. For example, in Afghanistan 36% of the population, lives in absolute, extreme poverty and 37% lives just above the determined poverty line. Even though around $35 billion was put into the country from 2002-2009. Even the nuber one cause of death is poverty. There was a movie titled “The pursuit of Happyness” made in 2006 which explores the idea of extreme poverty in the states.The movie is about a man named Chris Gardner ( played by Will smith) and his son Christopher ( Played by Jaden Smith) who becomes extremely poor as well as homeless so he has to try to get back on top of things. Although, the movie never says why he is poor we can infer. Chris was poor due to three main reasons, expensive…show more content…
This is a lot of money of cover based on chris’s small salary. Chris makes around 1500$ a month (Because he says one scanner is around the price of groceries for a month and that in san francisco is about 500$ and he says he has to sell 3 monthly) There are 12 months in a year and 1500x12 is equal to 18000. If 8400$ is the cost of childcare than he has 9600$ a year for rent food, daycare, gas, his wife, electricity, water, heat and personal spending. Although Day care cost him 150 a month, which is 1800$ a year, so in reality he has 7800$ a year for rent food, daycare, gas, his wife, electricity, water, heat and personal spending. The cost of this is most probably more than 7800$ so we can infer that he had no savings as he had to spend all of his money yearly including some of the money his wife made, so when she left him it must have been a huge decrease in funds for the family. This brings me to my third
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