Book Analysis: The Death Of Ivan Ilych

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Death. While the outcome is the same for everyone, no two people live the same lives. Ivan Ilych was a character in Leo Tolstoy 's novel The Death of Ivan Ilych. Ivan was a selfish lawer who was unhappy with his life until right before he died. Portrayed in the movie Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless was a free spirit he did what he want when he wanted. Ivan and Chris were completely different people one was a formalist and the other was a maverick, but in the end it didn 't matter how different they were because they found true happiness in death.
Ivan constantly tried to conform to society and its laws. Ivan subconsciously wanted to be an individual but he constantly suppressed those urges to fit in. He wanted to follow the path that society lead him on. In doing so, “At school he had done things which had formally seemed to him very horrid and made him feel disgusted with himself when he did them” (Leo Tolstoy, 105), he sacrificed his own moral values to fit in. If everyone else was doing something wrong, like a sheep Ivan would too. Ivan won 't be free until he gives up material things. Ivan surrounds himself with material items. “We have a greed, with which we have agreed... / and you think you have to want more than you need… / until you have it all, you won 't be free” (Vedder, Society). Ivan wasn 't happy until he realized that his worldly possessions don 't matter. He was constantly buying useless things that didn 't make him happy to flaunt his money. His wife

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