Chris Mccandless Ignorant In Into The Wild

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Into the wild, is a book by Jon Krakauer that later got turned into a film by Sean Penn, it follows the life of Christopher McCandless, who graduated from Emory University as a top student and athlete with wealthy pushing parents. Instead of continuing his life as a working man of society and taking his offers at top law schools, he decides to ultimately completely disconnect himself from society and instead tries to find his own meaning of life in the wild. Shaun Callarman says “ I think that Chris McCandless was bright and ignorant at the same time.” and i really agree with him on that because even though he left his college a top student the way he wanted to completely disconnect himself the way he did was ignorant. Not only that In the movie it clearly shows that even though he didn't want to connect with people on his journey to alaska he did, I think that if he wouldn't have been so set on being alone and not being attached to others he wouldn't have died the way he did. In the movie Into the Wild by Sean Penn you see Chris’s life unfold into what i think was ignorant but to some extent i get why he wanted to run so hard “He didn’t want to be the person his parents wanted him to be, he most …show more content…

He wanted full disconnect from the world, fully he didn't want no contact with anyone. “The fact that Chris never bothered to let his family, specifically his parents, know where he was when he was gone for two years” (Jessica Robbins, 2012) she says she doesn't believe he did it on purpose but i feel like he did, the fact he found the truth about his parents is when he felt like his parents now feel about having no clue to where he may be i think he wanted to make his parents feel some of the pain he's felt so he hides himself from the very start. For instance, in the movie you

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