To What Extent Was Chris Mccandless Justified In Into The Wild

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Leilani Sanchez
Mrs. Moffat
English 5-6
11 January 2023 Was Chris Justified? Into the Wild, written by Jon Krakauer, explains the life Chris lived before, after, and during his adventure to Alaska. He left home because of the toxicity that was going on in his household, the need to live his own life, and to find happiness. I believe Chris McCandless was justified because of what he went through throughout his life. The novel explains how Walt lived two lives, “Long after falling in love with Billie, long after she gave birth to Chris, Walt continued his relationship with Marica in secret, dividing his time between two households, two families” (121). Chris’s …show more content…

He liked having a challenge and was why he decided to start his journey towards Alaska with nothing but a backpack. In the documentary, Chris’s sisters say how their parents used to take them out into the wilderness, like going hiking, and they explained how they always felt more at peace because there was less fighting going on between their parents. I think Chris grew a relationship with the wilderness because it was his safe space, a space where he knew things were going to be okay. The novel says, “Chris was fearless even when he was little. He didn’t believe the odds applied to him. We were always trying to pull him back from the edge” (109). He wanted an adventure, something of his own, and he figured that being out in the wild was his only way to accomplish …show more content…

Chris seemed happy to everyone who met him, but I’m sure that growing up in a toxic household, having an unhealthy relationship with his parents, and then leaving his sister behind caused some type of sadness in him. Chris told Franz, “ You don't need to worry about me. I have a college education. I’m not destitute, I’m living like this by choice” (51). This happened when McCandless lived near the slabs, after leaving Bullhead city. He found the slabs more comfortable and enjoyed the way everyone communicated with one another than he did in Bullhead city, where it was more like his hometown. Chris would burn all his money before moving into the next city as a way to prove to himself that money didn't mean anything. It gave him joy knowing that he was able to grow on his own without the help of

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