Nickel And Dimed Rhetorical Strategies

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Jack Nguyen AP English 3 30, July 2015 Nickel and Dimed Rhetorical Strategies and Notes Thesis: Ehrenreich’s personal use of varied rhetorical strategies allowed her to divulge the working conditions and struggles of the poverty-stricken class to the readers in order to provoke them to realize that something has to be done about poverty.. First Body: What: Allusion Pg. 2, Logos Pg. 37. How & Effect: Ehrenreich uses these personal, rhetorical strategies based on her experiences as a low-wage worker in the poor working class. The effect is that Ehrenreich is able to show the readers the conditions in which the impoverished work in and the daily obstacles that they face in life; also there is an appeal to logic and a reference of a poverty idiom. Why: Ehrenreich is deliberately using these rhetorical strategies to incite the readers about the fact that changes need to be done to poverty because it is a detrimental thing to society. Second Body: What: Metaphor Pg. 29, Imagery Pg. 100. How & Effect: Ehrenreich incorporates her personal experiences as a waitress and a maid into her rhetorical devices. The effect is that the readers are able to clearly visualize the horrendous working conditions and everyday struggle that Ehrenreich and many low-wage workers go through. Why: These devices …show more content…

90, Pathos Pg. 132. How & Effect: In this case, Ehrenreich fuses both her mental/physical feelings and work experiences into her rhetorical strategies. Due to this, the effect is that the readers are able to Ehrenreich’s frustration about her working conditions and the physical ailments that the poor workers suffer everyday because of their jobs; the credible exaggeration and emotional appeal effectively allows Ehrenreich to bring realization about poverty to the readers. Why: Ehrenreich’s main goal is to induce the readers about the fact that poverty is something that needs to be dealt with, through her credible and personal use of rhetorical

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