Fever 1793 By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson, is about a normal fourteen year old girl named Matilda Cook, who was working at the family’s coffee shop, living life in search of her identity. Matilda went through life always working and being lectured by her mother about right from wrong, what’s lady like and what’s not. She had a normal life, her family wasn’t the riches but she had everything she needed, until the an illness called yellow fever came to Philadelphia. When the fever hit people were leaving to other places with their family, but the rest who were too poor to pay for a wagon, or who already had the fever stayed in Philadelphia. One of the people who had caught the yellow fever was Mattie’s mother. Everything went downhill in Mattie’s life after her mother got sick, her mother ended up sending her and her grandfather …show more content…

On the way there Mattie ends up catching yellow fever, so her grandfather carries her to a place called Bush Hill, where people who have become sick because of the fever go to heal or die. Once Mattie got better, her and her grandfather set off back to the coffee shop. Once they reached the coffee shop they had realized that they have been broken into, things were broken and missing, and Mattie’s mother wasn’t in her bed either. Later that night, when grandfather was upstairs sleeping and Mattie was in the main room, to get away from her grandfathers snoring, Mattie heard two men trying to get into the coffee shop, the men had come to rob them, the tallest man had ended up grabbed

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